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GARY LOVISI is an Edgar Award Nominated (2005) author who has been writing fiction, as well as non-fiction articles about popular fiction, for as long as he can remember. He began by imitating favorite his authors in short stories, or writing about them, and he has gone on to write in almost all genres and styles and on many topics.

In 1985 Lovisi founded Gryphon Books as an outlet to publish the type of fiction he loves to read, fiction written by many of the famous popular and pulp authors in the science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, hard-boiled and private eye genres. He has also published classic Sherlock Holmes pastiches, and many fine bibliographic books and studies Ė all kinds of books about books. Under his Gryphon Books imprint Lovisi has published books by Mickey Spillane, Harry Whittington, E.C. Tubb, Jack Williamson, John Russell Fearn, Richard Prather, Richard Lupoff, Julius Fast, Howard Browne, Mike Avallone, and many more classic pulp and paperback era writers.

Lovisi is also the editor of two popular cult magazines published under the Gryphon Books imprint:

Paperback Parade covers every aspect of the collectable paperback hobby and has been published since 1986. Each issue is filled with fascinating articles, author and artist interviews, book lists, covers of rare books, news, and much more! 2006 marks the 20th year of publication!

HARDBOILED presents the best in new and original hard, cutting-edge crime fiction and has been published for over 20 years! All the great professional crime authors and many of the best of the new breed or writers have stories here!

Gary Lovisi is also a book collector and has sponsors an annual book show, The NYC Collectable Paperback & Pulp Fiction Expo. This yearís show will be the 18th annual event and one of the biggest yet. Many dealers from around the world attend, author and artist guests sign books, and many collectable and rare books of all types are for sale or trade. Itís an incredible book event!

Lovisi says his enthusiasm for his writing, and for the books he is publishing, is greater today than it has ever been. His output is substantial, and encompasses many areas, but his joy in what he has been privileged to do burns brighter than ever and has improved as he has grown as a writer, editor and publisher.

Lovisiís first novel, a throwback to the ultimate hard-boiled pulp crime genre of the 50s, was Hellbent on Homicide (Scarlet Fever, USA 1995; Do Not Press, UK, 1996). This is the first Griff & Fats novel. It features two tough cops and takes place in 1962 in the fictional city of Bay City. Griff & Fats have also appeared in many short stories over the years in various venues. Now a new Griff & Fats novel, Body Parts, has just been completed and is looking for a publisher. A Griff & Fats short story collection may also be forthcoming in the future.

However Lovisiís quintessential hard-boiled hero, bad-boy ex-cop and private eye of sorts, Vic Powers, is his most powerful creation in the crime genre. Vic appears in a bakers dozen of intense hard-boiled short stories in the book Dirty Dogs (Gryphon, 1999) and in the novel Blood in Brooklyn (Do Not Press, UK, 1999). This novel has been reprinted in many countries throughout Europe.

The short story crime fiction collection, Extreme Measures came out from Gryphon Books in 1996 and reprints early hard crime stories from many rare sources.

Lovisi writes in many other genres and his science fiction/fantasy novels, Sarasha and The Gargoyle have been well received. His Texas Ranger novel, West Texas War (Hale, UK, 2005) is his first western novel.

Lovisiís non-fiction and bibliographic work includes many articles in magazines such as The Armchair Detective, Mystery Scene, Illustration and more. His books, The Sexy Digests (Gryphon, 2001), The Pulp Crime Digests (Gryphon, 2004), and Dashiell Hammett & Raymond Chandler in Paperback (Gryphon, 1998), represent just some of his non-fiction output. The book Souvenirs of Sherlock Holmes (Gryphon, 2003) collects his writings about Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and collecting these fascinating and often rare books.

Today GARY LOVISI is an Edgar Award Nominated author for his quality fiction. Books published under his Gryphon Books imprint are recognized as some of the best examples of the small press art. His magazines Paperback Parade and HARDBOILED are recognized world-wide by discriminating collectors, fans, and scholars as important venues for book collectors and crime fiction. Lovisi is often asked to contribute short stories for fiction anthologies, as well as non-fiction articles for various magazines and books about authors, artists, or book collecting.

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Crime Fiction:

Blood in Brooklyn, 1st Vic Powers, an ultra hard crime novel set in Brooklyn.

Dirty Dogs, collection of 13 original Vic Powers short crime stories.

Hellbent on Homicide, first Griff & Fats retro hard-boiled cop novel.

Body Parts, 2nd Griff & Fats novel, as yet unpublished.

Extreme Measures, a collection of hard crime and noir fiction stories.

The Mission, a short novel, 1st Joe Dillion book, Vic Powers appears.

The Nemesis: The Satan Plague II, neo-pulp with hero, Harry Turner, The Nemesis.

The Nemesis: Claws of The Falcon, crooked cops and the mob team-up with a

psychopathic killer to stop neo-pulp hero, The Nemesis.

The Loss of The British Bark Sophy Anderson, original Sherlock Holmes novella

based on one of the titles hinted at by Watson.

The Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, collection of 3 pastiches, Croatia, 2006.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction:

Sarasha, end-of-the-world fantasy novel with intelligent cats!

The Gargoyle, horror fantasy stories expanded into novel.

The Woman In the Dugout, baseball fantasy novel, female manager of Brooklyn team.

The Winged-Men, book #1 in Cosian Chronicles, Burroughs-type heroic fantasy.

Mars Needs Books, future totalitarianism on Mars among paperback book collectors,

1984 meets Philip K. Dick, not published yet.

Minesweeper, dark end-of-world cyber punk superhero novella.

West Texas War, Texas Ranger western novel, UK only, hardcover, 2005.


Science Fiction Detective Tales, a look at futuristic detective fiction in paperback, out of

print, new edition expected in 2007.

Relics of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlockian material from many sources.

Collectorís Special #1: Novel Library, examination of sleaze books and publisher.

Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler in Paperback, examination of the

paperbacks of these two hard-boiled icons.

The Sexy Digests, a price guide, survey and study of 50s sexy pin-up digest books.

The Pulp Crime Digests, price, guide, survey and story of all the digest crime

magazines such as Manhunt, Trapped, Guilty, and many more.

The Swedish Vintage Paperback Guide, a study and survey of American and English

crime and SF authorís books published in Sweden in the 40s to 70s.

Collecting Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror in Paperback, detailed survey of the

collectable books and authors.

Souvenirs of Sherlock Holmes, writings on and about Sherlock Holmes.

Modern Historical Adventure Novels, extensive survey, price guide, history, due 2006.

Sherlock Holmes: The Great Detective in Paperback, originally published in 1990,

and now out of print, long-awaited new edition due out in 2006.


Short Fiction & Non-Fiction Articles:

These are just too numerous to list here now.


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