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Small press publishing is a labor of love but it is also fraught with risk and very expensive. Therefore we must be selective in the work we choose for magazines or imprints of Gryphon Books. We receive dozens of stories and proposals each week, many are fine and quite publishable, however most are not compatible with our present publishing program. Please keep in mind that the rejection of a work can be for many reasons but is never intended to be a rejection of you as an author or of your talent.

What are we looking for? Quality material that will interest our readers.

The specifics are listed individually by publication below. Publishing today means a small outfit such as Gryphon Books must be very selective. That aside, if your work shows promise or is something that we think our readers will like, we’ll work with you. We often comment on short stories that are sent for Hardboiled and have worked with writers to make their story publishable. In other cases, while we’ve rejected some stories, authors have told us that our comments allowed them to fix the story and send it to another market where it was published. We’re very proud of any help we are able to give newer writers, especially when it results in that author being published.

A few things to remember before submitting any work to Gryphon Books:

  • Absolutely NO submissions through email. Only hard copies to the PO Box address below will be considered. All email submissions or queries will be deleted unopened.
  • We can NOT consider any work by anyone incarcerated in any prison facility. Manuscripts will be returned to sender unopened.
  • We have a one-a-month rule: because of time constraints and ms volume, we can only look at one ms or query letter per month. So make it your best!
  • NO multiple submissions. Only one story at a time (per envelope) and not more than one submission (envelope) per month. We don’t want to open any more unsolicited envelopes with 10 or 20 stories in them. Or receive 10 separate envelopes with a story in each. That’s not professional. You’ll just be wasting time and postage as these will be returned unread.
  • NO reprints, unless we request it. However, you may query about a reprint.
  • We will look at simultaneous submissions, BUT they must be so labeled.
  • Always remember to send in your ms in the standard format, which MUST be double-spaced, also don’t put it in a binder or folder.

Below is a general overview of what we are interested in for Gryphon Books.

NOVELS: right now we are NOT actively looking at any novels from agents or any unsolicited manuscripts for any genres of fiction. DO NOT send any complete ms or chapters. However, if you want to take a chance and run a query idea by us we will look at a short one-page query letter, and if you want an answer you must enclose an SASE. The market is tough. We do mostly classic and pulp novels in various genres, not much contemporary material in the longer lengths.

NON-FICTION: We are looking for finely written and detailed articles and book-length material on any aspect of books or book collecting, especially in the paperbacks, the pulps, hard-boiled crime fiction, authors, artists, or interviews with same; articles about science fiction, fantasy, horror, pulp-related books, bibliographic material, paperback book publishers. Your best bet is to query with a short ONE-PAGE letter about yourself and your work, and qualifications, if necessary. For shorter articles see Paperback Parade.

PAPERBACK PARADE: For this magazine we are looking for finely written and detailed non-fiction articles from 1,000 to 5000 words (sometimes longer) on any aspect of paperbacks; including publishing, collecting, art, authors, runs of books, much more. We’re open to different types of things but it is best to query first about your idea as many topics have been done in previous articles. This way we can better direct you to our specific needs. It is also a good idea to send for a sample copy or subscribe to Paperback Parade, (subscriptions are $35 for 4 issues; a sample is $10.00 + $2.00 Media postage), and it just might open up a whole new world for your writing career. Non-fiction is a large and lucrative field. It offers many avenues for publication. Paperback Parade is also an excellent venue to have your work and byline seen by our many author, publisher, and editor readers. We’ve been publishing this magazine since 1986 and we still feel we’ve only scratched the surface in what this field has to offer. Payment is in copies or other arrangement depending on length and quality of your article.

LONGER STORIES: The Gryphon Doubles series contains two short novels or novellas (generally 15,000 to 30,000 words each) published back-to-back in the format of the classic Ace Doubles. They have two illustrated covers (one for each story) and sell for $12 each. Some of the authors who have appeared include: William F. Nolan, Mike Avallone, Jack Williamson, E.C. Tubb, Jesse Sublett, Richard S. Prather. We are extremely selective here and at present the series is on hiatus, but there are new books in the hopper yet to appear and they will soon. We are looking for unique genre fiction, it can have a pulp flavor; exciting, hard-hitting stories, in all genres, but especially hard-boiled crime and noir, science fiction, pulp reprints. Pays nominal advance. ONLY query letters with an SASE considered at this time.

SHORT STORIES: We are always looking for original short crime stories for Hardboiled magazine. Keep it short, hard, intense and to the point. You should become a fan of the genre you want to write in and of the magazine. Become familiar with the type of story by subscribing. No Chandler clones or cliches unless you can put a new spin on an old idea. We want quality writing, great ideas and interesting characters, mixed with hard-hitting realism. Competition is tight. We can offer only a minimal payment but your work will be published alongside giants like Mickey Spillane (latest issue #31), or Andrew Vachss, Joe Lansdale, Richard S. Prather, Ed Gorman, Richard Lupoff, Edward Hoch, Lawrence Block, Vin Packer and many other classic and contemporary crime masters. Just make it your best story and keep it under 3,000 words (longer would have to be extraordinary; anything over 4,000 words query with SASE).

SUPPORT: Lastly, as writers we need to keep our markets alive and viable and that means supporting the publishers and magazines in our field. I fervently believe that everyone who wants to sell to Hardboiled should subscribe to Hardboiled ($35 brings you 4 hard-hitting issues). Or for non-fiction writers, you should subscribe to Paperback Parade ($35 for 4 issues). Of course, not subscribing in no way hinders your chances for consideration. For longer fiction check out books in the Gryphon Doubles series ($12 each + postage). Your support keeps your markets strong. That support will also give you the opportunity to read a lot of great crime fiction or non-fiction, better than the boring newsstand magazines. You’ll also get an excellent idea of the type of fiction we’re looking for in the pages of Hardboiled and the articles we want for Paperback Parade. So support the magazines you want to write for with a subscription, support the publishers you want to publish your book, by buying one of our books. The publishing world is very competitive and you need to make your voice heard. Small publishers need your support so there will be more venues for the work you write, and the work we all want to read.

SUBMISSIONS & SUBSCRIPTIONS: All story or query submissions should be sent as hard copy only (NO disks, CDs, emails) with an SASE if you want a response. International ms must use 2 IRCs. All book orders, or subscriptions to Hardboiled or Paperback Parade should also be sent to this address only. Send to:


PO BOX 209

BROOKLYN, NY 11228-0209



What do you think is the most important quality that a writer must have?

That’s a tough one. Could it be great dialog? Excellent plotting? A talent for fine characterization? Friends in high places? That’s all well and good but the most important quality really is professionalism. Remember that in all your dealings with publishers and editors, even if they may not always be professional themselves. Sometimes especially if they’re not professional. You will always need to be professional in all your actions and dealings. You never know when a submission will be accepted down the line or what can come of a small seed planted months or even years before. Now get writing!




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